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Neck pain is an affliction that many face daily. Finding the right treatment can make all the difference. In Port Credit, physio for neck pain is within your reach at Art of Mobility. This guide delves into our multifaceted approach to treating neck pain. Read on to find answers to common questions and explore how we can help you live pain-free.

What Do Physiotherapists Do for Neck Pain?

At Art of Mobility, our physiotherapists adopt an extensive approach to help with neck pain. Here’s how:

  • Immediate Pain Management: This includes hands-on techniques to release muscles and address restrictions/imbalances. We perform joint mobilizations to open up space in the neck joints and suggest the proper use of hot and cold packs for pain relief.
  • Posture and Ergonomic Advice: We help you work on your posture, ensuring a better ergonomic setup at both work and home.
  • Addressing the Root Cause: We don’t just offer temporary relief; we find and fix the root cause of your neck pain. For instance, a lack of flexibility and mobility in the upper back can cause neck pain. If untreated, it may recur. Our tailored exercises can address such root causes, aiding in full recovery.
  • Understanding Lifestyle Factors: The causes of neck pain can vary, including prolonged sitting, working from home, and overhead sports movements. We create a plan that considers your unique lifestyle.

How Many Physio Sessions for Neck Pain?

It really does depend on the injury, sometimes more minor neck issues might need one or two sessions.  However, these are your typical neck strain that comes right after you woke up after sleeping funny or pinching a nerve. However, if you have had this injury for a few years then it will take longer and could take up to six to eight weeks.

Also, it’s key to remember that just because the pain is gone doesn’t mean the injury is gone. You want to make sure that you don’t just get temporary relief but that you actually fix the root cause and strengthen the muscles that need to be strengthened for it to be a long-term fix. It’s very important to work with your physiotherapist to come up with a plan of care that makes sense with your schedule and your personal needs.

How Can I Do Neck Physiotherapy at Home?

Doing neck physiotherapy at home is feasible but must be approached with caution:

  • Basic Techniques: Using ice or heat packs, gentle stretches, and movements can help manage discomfort.
  • Online Resources: YouTube and Instagram offer numerous exercise ideas. However, it’s vital to consult a healthcare practitioner to avoid aggravating the neck issue.
  • Virtual Physiotherapy: If visiting a clinic is challenging, virtual physiotherapy can teach you techniques and exercises tailored to your situation.

When Should I See a Physiotherapist for Neck Pain?

Most people could benefit from physiotherapy whether it’s an acute problem or to be proactive and prevent neck issues from happening in the future. A lot of people assume that neck discomfort is normal however it is not and it should be addressed before it becomes an even bigger issue. 

Typically, people start seeing a physiotherapist when it’s gotten very bad and they can’t do the things that they love but it’s always best just to be proactive and handle it early before it gets worse.

Is Physio or Massage Better for Neck Pain?

Both physiotherapy and massage are very beneficial for neck pain and typically we have patients who work with both the physio and massage therapist simultaneously for their neck pain. However, it’s very important that both therapists are giving you some kind of movement/exercise for it to be a long-term fix. It’s important they help you make a lifestyle change.

Both physiotherapists and massage therapists bring a different lens so it’s great to get different perspectives on the injury. Also,  typically patients after the injury is healed see a massage therapist throughout the year for maintenance sessions to prevent any future discomfort or injuries.

Final Words

Art of Mobility is dedicated to your recovery and well-being. If you’re seeking physio for neck pain in Port Credit, our team’s comprehensive and customized approach ensures you don’t just cope with your neck pain – you conquer it. Ready to embark on your journey to comfort and mobility? Contact us today and start living without the burden of neck pain.