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Justin Mah, MScPT, BHSc

Hi, my name is Justin Mah, and I am a physiotherapist and performance coach who completed my Masters in Physical Therapy degree from the University of Toronto and BHSc in Biomedical Science from Western University. 

Exercise has always been an important aspect of my life as an avid weightlifter, hockey, and yoga athlete. During my younger years, I suffered social anxiety and found it difficult transitioning into high school – exercise and weight training became the outlet to allow me to work on myself and improve my mental health. When I suffered a severe shoulder injury during undergrad that prevented me from working out, I felt like I lost a piece of who I was – I thought I would live with this for the rest of my life. Having gone through this process, I understand what it means to feel like you’re broken. I understand what it means to feel like you lost your way of life, and because of this I made a commitment to help others not suffer in the same way I did. This is my WHY when I made the decision to become a physiotherapist.

My mission is simple – to provide you with the tools to take care of your own body – we only have one body in this life, and my goal is to empower and educate you on this life-long journey. I use a combination of manual therapy, electro-acupuncture, and strengthening and mobility exercise to create a personalized plan of care for you to reach your goals. 

When I’m not in the clinic, I’m usually doing any activity related to food – cooking new recipes, trying new restaurants, or experimenting with new smoothies for our smoothie bar. I’ve recently started attending fitness classes at OrangeTheory Fitness, and am learning how to stand up paddleboard (SUP) on the lakefront behind our clinic! 

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Thusheinth Sivarajah, MScPT, BScKin, CPT

Hi, my name is Thusheinth Sivarajah and I am a Physiotherapist and Certified Personal Trainer who completed his Master’s in Physical Therapy program at Queen’s University. 

Once you get to know me, you’ll realize that there is never a dull moment when you work with me. I am devoted to getting you back to doing what you love while making sure you are having fun during the journey. As an avid weightlifter, martial artist, and volleyball athlete, I have experienced all types of injuries myself – ranging from a common strain to some very severe injuries. These injuries have helped me greatly empathize with my clients, understanding the importance of active rehab for long-term results.

My goal is to make sure every person I work with gets an active solution and is educated and empowered throughout the process. By using a blend of manual therapy (hands-on care, without machines), mobility, and strengthening exercises, I am committed to finding the right treatment approach tailored for you. 

When I am not in the clinic, you can find me working out at the gym, doing group fitness classes, walking my dog, or on a court (playing some basketball or beach volleyball).

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Tharaniya Sivarajah, MScPT(c) BScKin, CPT

Hi, my name is Tharaniya And I am a Kinesiologist who is a certified personal trainer (CPT) with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. I finished my Masters in Physical Therapy at Brunel University.

I place great importance in fostering independence among the individuals that I work with for long-term success.

Exercise, strength training in particular, is my foundation and I hope to seamlessly transition my clients from rehab to strength and conditioning. I believes that as humans, you are all resilient, adaptable, and stronger than you think. Ultimately, my goal is to listen to, educate and empower my clients.

In my spare time, you can catch me jamming out to dancehall/soca music & lifting some heavy weights.

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Dr. Alex Tymoshenko

Hi, my name is Alex Tymoshenko and I am a chiropractor who completed my Doctor of Chiropractic degree at New York Chiropractic College.

Sport and activity have always been a part of my life. From hockey and Ukrainian dancing as a kid to MMA and Olympic weightlifting later in life I’ve always been doing something semi competitive. As an Olympic weightlifter I competed at the national level and coached athletes to a national and international level. With all that training came the inevitable strains, overuse and injuries. Luckily I always had a chiropractor in my corner to help me though all those (also luckily that chiropractor was my dad). It was getting through those injuries and coming out stronger and more resilient on the other side that helped me realize I wanted to become a chiropractor.

As a chiropractor I see it as my job to educate you on what’s going on with your body, restore proper range of motion and movement patterns in the clinic, then empower you to conquer those new movement patterns and ranges of motion outside of the clinic. In my practice I use an assortment of techniques including: acupuncture, adjustments, cupping, scraping and of course movement to name a few. 

When I’m not at the clinic, you can find me exercising at the gym and trying out new activities and sports. The latest activities I’ve tried are: stand up paddle boarding and rock climbing. I’m also a huge fan of games, both board and video so when I’m not being active I’m plopped in a chair doing one of those.

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Christian Tabula, RMT, BScKin

Hello! My name is Christian Tabula and I am a Registered Massage Therapist. I graduated at the top of my class from ICT Kikkawa College, and a Honours graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University with a BSc in Kinesiology.

I grew up being physically active and a devoted sports fan. This contributed to my eagerness to learn more about the science behind movement. Quickly I became passionate about movement and manual therapy and their effects on the functioning of the human body. Pursuing a career in massage therapy was a perfect way for me to further expand and share my knowledge to help others. My goal is to educate you on the reasoning behind what you are dealing with, and to put you back in control of your body, whether you want to relax or fix nagging pain or injuries.

In treatment, I use massage techniques including joint mobilizations, deep tissue, trigger point release, soft tissue release, and cupping when appropriate. I work with you to come up with an individualized plan of care to restore function and have your body moving optimally on a long-term basis. This goes beyond treatment, by prescribing appropriate exercises and self-care that works to achieve your goals.

In my free time, you can catch me on the basketball court, the golf course, or walking my dog along the waterfront. If I’m not outside, I’ll be lifting some weights or watching and supporting my Raptors or Blue Jays.

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Tanisha Shekdar

Hi and welcome! My name is Tanisha Shekdar and I’m a holistic health nutritionist. I completed my masters in biotechnology from UofG and I’m about to receive my doctor of naturopathic medicine degree from The Canadian College of Naturopathic medicine. 

I struggled with digestive and skin issues all my life. Sinus infections and dealing with IBS issues was constant for me growing up; not to mention, I was put on antibiotics at least twice a year throughout undergrad. It was when I got shingles at the end of undergrad that things really took a turn for the worse. I felt so alone and hopeless with how I was feeling. I wish someone had told me all the things I have come to learn now about. For me, everything changed when I started pinpointing my food triggers, supporting my immune system, and really understanding how the gut-brain connection which started improving my bloating, mental fog, fatigue, and anxiety. Now, thanks to my experiences and education I can really understand how important stress management, sleep, and diet is to an individual’s physical, mental and emotional health. 

I’m a strong believer in educating others which is why one of naturopathic medicine’s philosophies resonates so well with me – Docere literally translates to doctor as teacher. My goal is to empower my clients and provide them with all the knowledge in order to not not only help them feel their best but also to provide them with the tools in order for them to take control of their health! 

When I’m not in the clinic, you can find me gardening, prepping for my next fitness competition,  experimenting to create the next best gut friendly snack, and planning my next travel adventure!

Rei Kodra

Rei Kodra, RMT

Hey! My name is Rei Kodra and I am a Registered Massage Therapist from CCMH in Cambridge. I finished my studies in Political Science and realized that it wasn’t meant for me. Shortly after, I injured myself playing soccer and started developing pains that were not related to my injury (or so I thought at the time). I realized then that the body is very connected and different lines of pull and tension can affect it in ways that you could never imagine. I decided from there to study the body and figure out what was happening, not only for me, but for others as well so I could help them in their journey. This interest and passion of wanting to help people get out of pain drove me to continue my education as an RMT. 

I believe that our bodies were created to move in many degrees. Passive modalities are only a small part of what needs to be done to heal a body that requires strength, sensory, and mechanical input. This means that movement and exercise are very important! 

My mentality is to first assess the individual needs of the client, then based on the clients goals, build a treatment plan including one or more modalities to treat the body as a whole. My knowledge of human physiology and whole body integration (quality of sleep, natural nutrition, optimized movement and strength training) are a driving force for my passion as a therapist. Our sessions will include using myofascial release and active mobilization techniques, breathing, and relaxing of the nervous system. 

I also have experience with working on the jaw and cranial bones, which can help alleviate headaches, tinnitus, and vertigo through manual and non-manual techniques. These steopathic-like movements can help guide the body through healing and increase access to mobility.

On my spare time, I love to workout, whether its boxing, pushing the sled, lifting weights or exploring different movements. Outside, you’ll find me walking with my wife and helping her with the dog business (or rather, struggling to walk them myself) or playing basketball and soccer. Otherwise, I spend my time playing video games, tinkering on my computer system and listening to different rock bands.

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Thurginth Sivarajah, HBA, CPT

Hi, my name is Thurginth Sivarajah and I am is the clinic manager and my goal is to make sure you have the greatest exoerience while treating each one of you as my own family.

My focus is to educate and empower you, so you can get back to living a life doing the things you enjoy the most.

During my spare time, you can catch me doing martial arts, lifting weights, or having his friends and family over for game night.

Martin Wong

Martin Wong, MSc., B.Eng.

Hi, my name is Martin Wong and I am Strategy and Marketing Advisor here at AOM! I am involved in everything from branding and marketing to website design and maintenance. I have a Bachelor’s of Engineering from McMaster University and a Master’s of Science from the University of Toronto. 

As the Marketing Coordinator, I draw on my experiences as an active (amateur) athlete and from the injuries and treatments I have gone through personally to communicate our AOM approach and ethos to clients. In doing so, my goal is that all current and future clients come out of their AOM experiences not only physically better but also more knowledgeable of their own bodies – enabling them to live their best and most active lifestyle. 

When I am not reviewing or developing strategic directives for AOM, you can find me playing organized soccer or volleyball, hiking at far away places, or lifting weights. Outside of that, I also consult with organizations, both private and public, national and multinational, on their sustainability/ESG strategies and disclosures.